Since inception, we have been creating secure, well-balanced and diversified portfolios for private and institutional investors.

We are hard workers, systematic, emphasizing long-term capital preservation that focuses on returns, low volatility and a selection process based on strict macro and micro-economic analysis.

These principles may guide us, but they do not restrict us either – ongoing monitoring and risk management help us continue to create the best results for our clients in a dynamic world.

We take three main approaches to asset management:

High conviction

We take a benchmark-unconstrained, long-only approach to investing with the aim of delivering consistent, absolute performance while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.


Our factor-based strategies focus on shared characteristics of securities and aim to deliver sustainable risk-adjusted returns. We strive to create resilient portfolios by equally balancing exposure to factors across cycles.


We also create more complex strategies, designed to help our clients benefit from diversification and changing market conditions in order to achieve long-term inflation protection.

Our four dedicated and highly diversified investment strategies offer solid balance sheets, diversification, operational performance and cash-flow generation. We aim to create sustainable growth and capital preservation over the long term....
Our proprietary network gives us access to off-market investment opportunities, particularly privately owned companies looking to expand or to partially exit. We aren’t just passive partners either. We seek to co-invest with locally established, tru...
Our unparalleled data access and focus on innovation enable us to develop quantitative AI-driven strategies and create value for our clients....