Disclaimer & Privacy

01 - Preamble

This Website has been prepared solely for the purpose of presenting the Compagnie d’Investissements et de Gestion Privée as well as its related companies (hereafter “CIGP”), regarding any processing of Personal Data.

Personal Data are any information that can lead to identify an individual, such as name, email address and telephone number.

Nowadays, questions related to Personal Data are becoming an increasingly more sensitive subject.
At CIGP, trust is essential to us and we take the private nature of your Personal Data very seriously. We therefore strive to ensure that your Personal Data will be protected and we take every action to treat such information in a transparent manner and to comply with all legal requirements.

In this context, please note that CIGP collect technical data about their visitors and provide opportunities to be informed on various topics. Within this framework, certain information may be required with your consent or retained through the use of Cookies. In any event, Personal Data provided to CIGP will only be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you choose to apply for a position with us in our Careers section of this Website, we may collect additional information from you to enable us to make a decision about your potential employment. If you are an employee or other representative of an organization with which we do business, we will use work-based contact information about you to liaise and keep in touch with you in relation to our business relationship with that organization.

This document therefore describes the general framework and the way Personal Information is handled when using our platforms or interfaces. For other inquiries, please also revert to our Terms & Conditions page as well as our Glossary.

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the other language versions of the Website, the English version shall prevail.

02 - Agreement

By accessing the CIGP Website, you accept the current statement regarding our data management system and acknowledge that any Personal Data you provide to CIGP will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy principles, the relevant standards and the below mentioned provisions.

03 - Privacy Principles

In order to ensure the confidentiality of Personal Data, we maintain the following Privacy Principles:

  • Solely Personal Data that we believe to be relevant to understand your needs will be collected.
  • Personal Data will mainly be used in order to provide you with better experience, customer services and product advice.  
  • No external communication of Personal Data will take place unless (i) the data holder has previously been informed and (ii) it has been explicitly authorized by the data holder or (iii) it is required by laws.
  • Personal Data are kept on secured records towards both third parties and employees of our company.
  • Security obligations are an important matter to us and every reasonable step has been taken to protect and secure Personal Data from any unauthorized or unlawful processing.
  • Only authorized employees may access Personal Data and they are subject to strict confidentiality rules.
  • Personal Data are regularly updated.
  • Privacy principles and Cookies policy may be subject to changes in our practice and services.

Some “Special Category Personal Data” are even more sensitive than usual Personal Data. At CIGP will therefore handle them even more carefully. In this respect, a further justification (i.e. legal obligations) or an explicit written consent will be required/asked for collecting, storing and using this type of personal information.

04 - Cookies

What are Cookies?

CIGP uses so called “Cookies”. They are small pieces of data sent from a Website that may be recorded on an IT terminal or on any computer/device when a user is browsing on the Internet.

As they were designed to be a reliable mechanism to store useful information (ID names, items added in a shopping cart…), they usually are sent back by the user’s device to the Website on each subsequent visit in order to save useful information and to offer particular functions available. They are therefore considered as part of Personal Data.

What do we use Cookies for?

While using our platform, Cookies might be sent to your device by CIGP, or, more occasionally, by third parties assisting us to improve our online services. In other words, they allow us to recognize your device and they store information about your use of the Website. In this respect, the three types of Cookies we use aim to:

  • Improve the global functioning of our Website by gathering information related to the Website itself and its functioning;
  • Store your preferences in order to allow our Website to offer a friendly user configuration;
  • Gather statistics through anonymized information about the use of our services and needs of our stakeholders;

Most Cookies are temporally stored and are automatically deleted from your device after your session has ended. Occasionally, permanent Cookies may also be used and saved in order to keep information on a long term basis. 

What cookie do we use and how can I set them?

Usually, Cookies are recorded on a device only with the consent of the device user. Notwithstanding the fact that most browsers are initially set to accept Cookies, by going into the browser’s settings,
it is also possible to disable them or to be notified when they are set. The database related to Cookies may also be deleted at any time.

How long will the Cookies be stored?

At CIGP, we have decided to treat all the different types of Cookies in the same way. Therefore, when you consent to the use of Cookies, your consent is valid for an undetermined period but no longer that the necessary time for which it was collected or to comply with legal, regulatory or internal policy requirements.

For your information, a renewal or a new consent request may also be triggered if you connect from a different device or modify your browser settings or when a new version of the Website is released.

05 - Disclosure of personal information

CIGP may need to disclose personal information within its entities (i.e. centralized processing functions, approvals/authorizations from management, customer needs…). In any event, access rights between members of the group are limited and granted only on a need to know basis, depending on job functions and roles. Appropriate safeguards are also put in place in order to ensure the protection of such data, notably with the EEA standards.

Occasionally, third parties may also be involved in the handling of Personal Data (IT, Cloud, service providers…). Such relations will also be subject to confidentiality agreements and conditioned to the implementation of adequate security measures.

06 - Data Retention & Erasing

Personal Data are being kept through all the lifetime of our existing relationships and, if necessary, as long as imposed by law. This period will depend on various factors, like the type of information being held, the governing laws and regulations, the existence of legal proceedings and the type of information held.

In relation to our candidate portal personal information will not be kept longer than necessary, unless you are successful in your employment application in which case we may retain your information for employment purposes.

In any case, please note that you are entitled to ask us at any moment to erase your Personal Data.

07 - Storage place of Personal Data

The majority of Personal Data are stored in the cloud. Information may therefore be transferred outside the EEA. In any of our processing activities, we will prior ensure that the relevant jurisdictions offer adequate level of protection, security and that they comply with our privacy principles.

08 - Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

Any person has the right, subject to the applicable data protection provision to:

  • Request access and receive copy of the data held;
  • Request the rectification of any inaccurate information;
  • Request the restriction of any processing of the Personal Data if they are to be contested;
  • Request for the stop of the processing;
  • Obtain access to the information regarding the safeguards of your data;
  • Request erasing of your data.

09 - Amendments

CIGP may change this data privacy notice at any time. The version published on this Website is the latest and valid version. The latest update occurred on the 29th of May 2019.

10 - Contacts

For any request or question you may have in relation to this privacy notice, please fill CIGP Group contact form here.

11 - Governing Law

Any question, request or claim regarding the current privacy notice is governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Geneva (Switzerland).